Why do people going through cancer lose their hair?

Answer Some people battling cancer must undergo treatments that lead to hair loss. This occurs because the treatments cannot single out the cancer cells alone.Cancer TreatmentsCancer treatments work by st... Read More »

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Why do people with cancer often lose their hair?

The Chemotherapy damages the cells that produce hair (everywhere on the body...not just the head) and causes it to fall out. When they stop taking the chemotherapy drugs, then the hair will usuall... Read More »

Why do cancer patients lose their hair?

One of the most unfortunate side effects of getting a form of cancer is losing hair. This occurs because of a common cancer treatment: chemotherapy.Loss of HairThe purpose of chemotherapy treatment... Read More »

What makes a cancer patient lose his / her hair?

the drugs are used in cancers affect on the cancerous cells . the cancerous cells have the high growth rate as this result the drugs affect on the cancerous cells and all the other healthy cells th... Read More »

Do all cancer patients lose their hair during chemo?

No they don't and even when they do thier hair grows back so she should look fine in a few years.