Did Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap ever see what the person he leaped into actually look like in the episode he was the insane guy where he kept thinking he was other people he already had leaped into?

Answer Nope- just the people he thought he was who were ones he had leaped into in earlier episodes.

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How to Be Cutely Insane?

Insanity means to be wild and wacky. To giggle 24/7. Maybe you'd want to do it to be noticed. it doesn't matter, but here's how..

Um..Is my school insane!!?

and yet you seem to be able to get on yahoo.How about trying the yahoo search engine instead.

Is Barney insane?

Barney isnot insaneheis just purple and has monter friends! :(barney taught me to be me so he is not flaming insane!!!answered by the amazing;mopalopxxxxxxxx

Can one go insane on methadone detox?

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