Why do people go crazy if they see a roasted rabbit or something like that?

Answer It just not a common meat item found in most grocery stores.Some people get "funny" about killing/eating foods that they are not familiar with.It is the same people that will scream when a hunter k... Read More »

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Do you think it's right to make a child eat something that they say they don't like?

You're not getting up from the table until all those collards are gone so you might as well get with it young lady. ♥

What is something people do at home that they would not do at the movies?

A small street in Ashland's Central Park is named for Chuck Woolery. I attended Ashland High with Chuck. He was in the class of 1959 and I was in the class of 1957.

Can someone tell me where in vegas they have that huge cheeseburger..........its like 10 pounds or something?

What was the children's programme that had a scientist or something like that in it something about a castle and i remember two female vampire things i think?

The comedy-horror genre was a short-lived one on Kidvid and the censors objectedYou may be thinking of Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles-Frankenstein Junior was an oversized robot. I seem to reca... Read More »