Do Bald People get Dandruff?

Answer Well, my dad is bald, but he has a hairy back. Every time he takes his shirt off, it looks like a blizzard just hit. So yeah. We like to take the dandruff flakes and use them as confetti at part... Read More »

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Do bald people use shampoo?

lol, yeah if they get dry scalp it helps and yeah some do, but not all.

Why are all these bald people in the hair section?

They're jealous and have empty lives, and want to continue in their non-shampooing ways.My latest question didn't post, turtles :( And boy is it a doozy lol.

How can people love their babbies when they look like bald monkeys and cry all the time?

There are some people who aren't fit to be mothers. Looks like you're one of them.

Do bald people use shampoo or soap to wash their head?

YES... my boyfriend is bald over majority over is head, but mainly shaves... There are natural oils that come from your head, and bald or not, you still have to shampoo your head.. or at least wash... Read More »