Why do people get white spots on their fingernails?

Answer calcium deposits.

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What would cause white spots to appear on fingernails?

In most cases, no. While there are many reasons for these white spots (called leukonychia), most of them are due to mild trauma -- such as hitting or slamming your fingernail on or into something -... Read More »

What are these white spots under my fingernails (pics)?

I've read that it is a sign of calcium deficiency, but I dunno how much of that is true. You've probably just damaged your nail bud. I have those white marks as well.

Why do people bite their fingernails and finger skin?

The body requires various intensities of stimulation to stay alert depending on your DNA, your nutritional habits and your environment. People tend to have stimulation addictions to learned behavio... Read More »

What Can Cause My Squash Leaves to Yellow or Have White Raised Spots on Their Stems?

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