Why do people get upset when you tell them you've ate dog and it was tasty?

Answer Those living in the USA are not use to eating dog. It even has a law against it.At one time, we were not allowed to eat horse meat, but that law has changed as of this year (or it might have been ... Read More »

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Why do people freak out when i tell them i use my husbands toothbrush!?

Some people are afraid of catching germs, you kiss him and have sex with him, I see nothing wrong with using his toothbrush. Just keep loving your husband, and forget what other people think.

Why do people get offended when you tell them that you are a vegan or vegetarian?

meat eaters turn there noses up at us, simply because they lack the capacity to comprehend someone being different from themselves. We all like to fit in to society, and are socialized from an ear... Read More »

How do people react when you tell them what your fav band is?

I hate that just because I'm 13, I am supposed to drool for bubblegum pop and the Jonas Brothers. *Throws up*. People, no kidding, made fun of me when I said I liked the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirv... Read More »

Can you tell me some stupid mistakes youve done when u first learned how to drive?

dont even worry about it, we can make you feel a lot better. I was really tired one morning after driving all night, and on an unfamiliar road driving about 35 or 40 mph. I shot past this speed lim... Read More »