Why do people get upset when you tell them you've ate dog and it was tasty?

Answer Those living in the USA are not use to eating dog. It even has a law against it.At one time, we were not allowed to eat horse meat, but that law has changed as of this year (or it might have been ... Read More »

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Why Do Some People In This Section, Get So Upset Over People Having Friendships Online?

Uh oh Charli, you and this secret life you are having without me *shakes finger* tut tut.I miss out on inside jokes all the time I can feel my undies are getting in a wad........OH NO the anger is ... Read More »

How do you become a vegetarian with out people getting upset?

You don't. Eating meat (just like your vegetables) is good for you. In moderation we need meat because of the protein, there are other roots to protein but eating meat is just a fact of life, that ... Read More »

Why are some people so upset with others getting tattoos?

For the last time--I do not have a tat on my chest and your sneaky ways of trying to get me to confess or show proof is NOT working. Bonehead........

Why do some people get upset at humans that eat meat?

Some people do not like abuse, torture, murder, cruelty to anything than can be subject to it (i.e humans/animals), especially if unnecessary. Also some people don't like things making the environm... Read More »