Sh-t, people are so sick?

Answer That slaughterhouse is not an exception, it is the norm. Things like that happen in a vast majority of them. The problem is, though, a majority of states have a common farming practices clause in... Read More »

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Why do some people get sea sick and others don't?

Well I was in the Navy too and I didn't have many problems, except for one time when my ship was in the South China Sea, and maybe a couple other times during heavy storms. Aside from extreme condi... Read More »

Why do some people get sick when they are given a vaccine?

Most all medications can affect each individual in various ways, vaccines are no different. Vaccines evoke an immune system response by introduction of the culprit organism to your body through the... Read More »

Sick of people saying control cry my baby?

I'll never allow my daughter to CIO or use any other CC method. I just don't agree with them, personally. Have you checked out the book the No Cry Sleep Solution? It's got great ideas!! I'm right t... Read More »

Why do people feel more sick at nightlol?

Because at night your body is tired and it makes you feel worse because your body needs to rest but can't because your feeling so bad. Why aren't you at Walmart gurl? I have some Benadryl, want me ... Read More »