Why do people get nervous when speaking in public?

Answer Fear of public speaking---often called stage fright or public-speaking anxiety---afflicts more than 40 million Americans. In "The Book of Lists," speaking in public was listed as the No. 1 fear amo... Read More »

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How to Stop Being Nervous in Front of People?

Because you are nervous in front of people, they may think that you are shy, that you are lacking confidence in yourself or that you do not like them. Feeling nervous in front of people is normal a... Read More »

How to Stop Feeling Nervous About Eating Around Other People?

Is anybody watching?Feeling nervous about eating around people is common among men, women, and children. Social notions tell us that it is not nice to be seen eating in public, mostly for fear that... Read More »

Hi People, very nervous here, alone at home, had countless "odd" things going on in this house?

Don't be scared first of all. If you are a religious person--use it to calm yourself down. If it's a ghost or a spirit...there's nothing you can do to make it go just try to be a peace wi... Read More »

How to Ask Someone out Without Getting Nervous?

Everyone gets nervous, whether it be staying home by yourself or running in gym class. But in the case of asking someone out, you can get extremely nervous. Here are some ways to keep your cool whi... Read More »