Why do people get drunk?

Answer good for you that you have never had a drink..once before i would have said you were missing out but if you r enjoying your life without drink then I'm happy for you..i always thought i only had a ... Read More »

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When people get drunk?

Your liver will remove small amounts of alcohol over time. Larger amounts make you drunk, larger again your body tries to rid the toxin by vomiting, and then sometime even more can cause death.

Are you scared of drunk people?

I agree with you, 100% You can not rely on them or communicate with them, I dislike the odor about them, and yes I am frightened of them, never knowing what to expect. I avoid any contact with the... Read More »

Why do some people drive better when drunk?

Sorry, no one drives better when drunk.They just THINK they do.

Have people ever been drunk at work?