Can you get circumcised for?

Answer yes you can. It would be considered cosmetic surgery.

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How to Get Circumcised?

Circumcision is usually performed on infants, however, if you were not circumcised as an infant and wish to do so as an adult, this can be easily achieved in one of many ways. Circumcision is an ol... Read More »

Can a 2 year old get circumcised?

Yes. He can, but why should he want you to do it to him? Did you explain to him that It is intended to damage his penis that will lead to less sexual enjoyment when he is an adult, and it also redu... Read More »

My baby boy was circumcised?

That is a terrible violation both of your rights and your son's rights. You really should consider leaving him over this is shows a total lack of respect towards you and your child.You are right, c... Read More »

Is your son circumcised?

NOPE MINES NOT! Neither is his dad... MY dad, nor my brother. My fiances other 2 sons arent as well. And I just watched a YouTube video of a baby being circumsised and I'm SO glad that we didnt do ... Read More »