Why do people get addicted to alcohol?

Answer Alcoholism is a disease that can be brought on by a number of personal, societal, or genetic reasons. Although some people are more susceptible to developing alcohol dependence than others, anyone ... Read More »

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How do people get addicted to drugs and alcohol?

Drug addictions develop as a result of a number of physical, mental and social factors; individuals from all socioeconomic classes, races and religions become addicted to drugs.GeneticsPeople with ... Read More »

What does habitually addicted to alcohol mean?

An habitual, or psychological, addiction is one in which the user feels a powerful urge to consume a substance in order to feel normal. This is in contrast to a physical addiction. In physical addi... Read More »

How does florida define habitually addicted to alcohol?

The definition of the phrase "habitually addicted" to alcohol affects Florida businesses that serve alcohol because of a state law that was passed in 1980. The law states that if the business knowi... Read More »

Can people be addicted to veggies?

People can be addicted to anything. Addiction is a mental function--not always a physical one--the desire overwhelms the common sense and creates a physical need for a substance. There are a lot wo... Read More »