Why Don't All People Get Acne?

Answer When we were teenagers, my friends and I had varying degrees of acne. Some had none, others a lot, while I'd get the occasional large pimple. We all took care of our skin. We all indulged on jun... Read More »

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How come acne only appears on people faces?

Your face produces more oil and is more vulnerable to dirt than your other parts of your body. Try not touching your face all day. It's hard! Pimples are possibly caused by stress and hormones, ... Read More »

How come people didn't have acne before the 20th century?

I think alot of it has to do with the way people eat. They never had all the greesy grimey fast food places we have today. i mean they had some bakerys and maybe a couple fast food joints, but for ... Read More »

I have acne bad...People with smooth healthy skin please tell me your secret...?

Wash your face often with cold water (5-6 times a day). Don't put a lot of gunk on your face (makeup, greasy moisturizers). Don't eat a lot of sweets! - Very important about that last one.

BACNE AND ACNE!!! HELP NEEDED!! (people who have had this problem are perfered)?

i used to have the same problem when i danced a lot.scrub with a puff thingy and put some proactiv on it. and use exfoliating scrub (i like st. ives oatmeal scrub, its super cheap too)and also make... Read More »