Why do people get a headache when they cry a lot?

Answer Stress and lack of oxygen.

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How do baby's act when they get a headache?

It is a disease, maybe you should get it checked out by a doctor because you might die.

Why are they still making cigarettes when they know its killing people?

people are addicted and bad people know they can make money and manipulate the helpless

Do people know they are committing a criminal act when they speed?

just look at some of these answers i dont care seems to be the in thing nowadaysits about time traffic cops started doing more but too difficult with so few of themwhether driving whilst on the pho... Read More »

When they give people tattoos for radiation, why do they do that, and what is it made from?

When you are going through radiation, they carefully target the area they wish to get.When they are doing the initial scans, they have lead indicators taped at each tattoo so they show on the scans... Read More »