Why do people eat over 300grams of protein is healthy?

Answer protein utilization is increased with high intensity resistance training. so those that lift heavy weights regularly need and can utilize much more protein than the sedentary individual. as muscle... Read More »

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How much protein is enough in a healthy diet?

Protein is one of the three nutrients in a healthy diet. Protein is used for muscle repair, enzymes, growth and hormone synthesis. Proteins are found in the diet from animal products.AmountAccordin... Read More »

Protein Oil for Healthy Hair?

Protein is a major compotent or your hair. Therefore, when your body lacks sufficient protein due to inefficient dietary intake, it affects your hair follicles. They are no longer strong, resulting... Read More »

Protein for Healthy Hair?

Keratin is the protein composition of your hair. Getting enough protein that feeds and supports your natural keratin is vital to provide you with strong and growing hair strands. Not getting enoug... Read More »

How to Choose Healthy Sources of Protein?

Proteins are essential for a healthy diet. Made up of chains of amino acids, proteins help the human body function and grow. It is especially important during times of development or recovery, such... Read More »