Why do people eat haggis?

Answer Because it's tasty,nutritious, easy to prepare, relatively inexpensive and a traditional Scottish food enjoyed by many people both Scots and non Scots.

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What is haggis?

Haggis, a national dish of Scotland, is actually a sausage made of a sheep's stomach that is stuffed with oats and meat. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, haggis is prepared by chopping the... Read More »

Anybody out there like haggis?

NO WAY! Have actually had vege to but that was YUK also!!

Why would anyone eat haggis ?

Because it's delicious?It's just a Scottish version of sausage, you understand that, right? There are FAR scarier things in hot dogs and Wall's pork & beef chipolatas than there are in haggis!

Haggis, only 1 leg.?