Why do people eat fish?

Answer See, matters like these depends upon individual taste. It will be very difficult for a person to convince another on habits like food, fashion, religion etc. (The Sanskrit proverb is Loko bhinna ru... Read More »

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Do people eat sucker fish?

Sucker fish are often avoided by fishermen and fish eaters because they have many more bones than common fish and therefore making a boneless fillet is impossible. They are very tasty, however, an... Read More »

How come people who dont eat meat will eat fish?

My theory? They want to be associated with a group that works to reduce the suffering of animals (vegetarians) while not actually reducing the suffering of animals (by continuing to eat fish...and ... Read More »

Do more people fish saltwater or freshwater?

More people fish in saltwater than in freshwater. The simple reason for this is that the vast majority of the world's water is saltwater, and the vast majority of the world's coastlines are along s... Read More »

Why do people hate veggies who eat fish?

well, honestly, i don't hate "vegetarians" who eat fish, but they're misinformed.a fish is still an animal, therefore a vegetarian wouldn't eat're considered a pescetarian.also, i would be c... Read More »