Why do people eat churros in spain?

Answer On One Hand: A Simple Spanish CreationChurros were an invention of necessity in Spain. Shepherds---working for long periods of time in the foothills---wanted something substantial to eat in the mor... Read More »

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What part of spain are churros from?

The churro is a tasty Spanish snack made from fried dough and is usually eaten for breakfast. Although it is especially popular in the capital, Madrid, it can now be found all over Spain. It travel... Read More »

How many people watch TV in Spain?

The number of television viewers in the country of Spain is about 29.2 million with the population of the country at 39.4 million. There is one satellite company in the country and five cable ope... Read More »

What do you call people from Spain?

Spanish is a LANGUAGE. No matter where you are. A person from Spain is a Spaniard. If you are American and you think that "Spanish" refers to someone from South America, you are IGNORANT.People fr... Read More »

Do people in Spain speak French?

The national language of Spain is Castellano (Castilian Spanish), with Basque, Gallego and Catalan as official language sub groups. French is not a recognized national language, though it may be ta... Read More »