Why do people eat animal corpses?

Answer Reverse global warming?! Think of all the extra gasses that would be released into the o-zone if we didn't eat all those cows. If anything, people should be forced to eat them.Mmmmm, yummy cows.

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How do you pass the level More fun then a barrel of corpses on the game CSI crime scene investigation?

Are you talking about "Ride Forever" written by Paul Gross and David Keeley, and sung by Paul Gross? It is no Youtube with video; it's absolutely hilarious.

Why are people against animal testing?

Animal testing is a controversial topic with many people standing firm on both sides. Most people who are against animal testing cite a list of principal arguments that include both animal welfare ... Read More »

What animal kills the most people every year?

What African animal kills the most people?

According to the World Health Organization, the animal that kills the most people is the mosquito. Snakes kill the next most people. The hippopotamus, which weighs an average of 3,300 to 7,000 poun... Read More »