Why do people drop out of high school when they get pregnant?

Answer well they usually drop out because they don't want the embarrassment of the huge stomach.....or don't want crap from their peers. it is also hard to do your work and concentrate on it when everybod... Read More »

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What is the high school drop-out rate of pregnant teens?

About 70 percent of teenagers who become pregnant while in high school drop out before graduation, which is a higher dropout percentage than teens who do not become pregnant. About 22 teenagers per... Read More »

Why do teens drop out when they get pregnant?

Teen pregnancy and how to prevent it have been a concern for the educational community for decades. But even more concerning is the 60 to 70 percent drop-out rate for young mothers. There are a gre... Read More »

Can you drop out of school when you are younger than sixteen if you are pregnant?

Answer In Canada you can, but you can have either homeschooling or a Tutor. It's important to get that education. It will also take your mind off your problems. Once the baby is born you can go... Read More »

What kind of education do people need to become a lawyer after they graduate from high school?

Answer Generally speaking, one must possess at least an associates degree (in almost any field) to apply to Law School.Speak with your guidance counselor or make an appointment with a counselor at ... Read More »