Why do people drink if it is wrong?

Answer wow...think about this...Jesus drank wine..why do you think it is sinful??

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I pledged never to drink again last night, but now I am going out to drink again. What's wrong with me?

Is it wrong if i drink 4L of water a day?

If you're a very active person it maybe normal but if you're not than you can drown yourself by drinking so much water,

Why is it wrong to refil an empty drink bottle?

If you do not get it from a clean source, then it could harbor bacteria which may get you sick since it has time to sit and multiply in the bottle.Also, the water company cannot charge you for an o... Read More »

My 12month old doesn't want to eat or drink anymore. whats wrong?

You went to the doctor, tried their suggestion, and it didn't work.Go back to the doctor NOW.Your child is NOT fine when you don't try to give him anything to eat or drink. At the very least he is ... Read More »