Why do people display their private lives on Facebook ... ... ... ... !!! ?

Answer statistics show that 95% of people who use facebook are attention seeking, extremely vain and love to be looked at constantly. what makes me laugh is you get the odd one pretending to be a model an... Read More »

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Why do you think people are so intrigued with celebrities and their lives?

I think we are intrigued with celebrities because celebrities are who we see on the big screen, we listen to their music and we sort of have that "connection" with them - to keep up with the wonder... Read More »

Does that mean someone set their facebook private if...?

There are a few different levels of privacy on Facebook that you can set to your profile. You can just hide certain things or you can hide it all - I believe the only thing left public is your cove... Read More »

How do you block someone on Facebook that has their account set at private?

You could try going to Which is a form you can fill in, someone at Facebook will then perform the block manually for you. It may take a whil... Read More »

Y do people don't lyk keeping their own pic as their facebook profile pic?

der r many psychological xplanations to dis silly act !!!d best one which all of us can easily understand z--- "the social expressions"v c n xperience dis in every day life. for exa... Read More »