Why do people die from chicken pox?

Answer Before a vaccine was invented, 100 to 150 people died every year in the United States from chicken pox. People with compromised immune systems are more likely to suffer serious complications due to... Read More »

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I'm cooking a chicken curry for 50 people, how many chicken breasts will I need?

work per portion or per scoop!put two persons per scoop or 1 person per breast

How many pounds of chicken will I need to fix chicken salad sandwiches for 30 people?

Five cups of cooked, diced chicken is required to make 30 servings of chicken salad sandwiches. One pound of raw, skinless, boneless chicken makes 3 cups of cooked chicken. Therefore, 1 lb., 11 oz.... Read More »

How to Make Chicken Gravy from Roasted Chicken?

This is a basic chicken gravy; the rotisserie gravy style.

Can you get chicken pox from the vaccine (against chicken pox)?

The vaccine is made from live virus cells. It cannot make you sick but you can suffer some minor side effects from it unless you have any serious allergies. This vaccine is a shot given subcutaneo... Read More »