Why do people crave water really bad when they eat icecream?

Answer it's b/c of its high fat, salt and sugar content. water cleanses the palate and helps "rehydrate" you after eating such foods. it's the same with pizza or any other high fat and salty foods like ... Read More »

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Why do people crave sweets?

In the United States, a Dunkin' Donuts or Coldstone Creamery is never very far away. Wendy's offers delicious Frosty treats and McDonald's peddles their counterpart, the McFlurry. With savory treat... Read More »

Why do people crave milk at night?

The fat and protien from milk help you go to sleep. Its part of the embedded culture from times gone by, long before there was reduced fat milk and RBST and garbage like soy and rice milk. Back w... Read More »

What is the answer to Martins riddle in the game your Sims Agents what is the place where castles are built everyday people bathe without water and people brush their hair without a comb?

What's your fav icecream?

Pistachio, but no one makes it.So, my second is Peppermint, but it is very rare. Christmas versions are ever rarer than the pink kind.So, third, Bubblegum, but no one ever wants bubble gum.