Why do people crave water really bad when they eat icecream?

Answer it's b/c of its high fat, salt and sugar content. water cleanses the palate and helps "rehydrate" you after eating such foods. it's the same with pizza or any other high fat and salty foods like ... Read More »

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I really get irked when people say they listen to everything?

I know EXACTLY what you mean! People who say they listen to anything rarely listen to any "extreme" genres of music (Death Metal and it's varients, Black Metal and it's varients, Progressive Metal ... Read More »

When people ask "how can I gain weight", what are they really asking?

LOL, I had a friend I used to drink with every weekend and regardless of what he ate, or how much he drank, he stayed the same exact weight. We were eating out A LOT, and the worst food imaginable ... Read More »

Do people really lose blood when they don't sleep?

NO. It is science-y stuff, but if you aren't sleeping much you could eventually get worn down and they stress could take a toll on your body. This would take a long time.Also, when do you wake up? ... Read More »

Really Odd Question But What do you think blind people see when they dream?

Depends if that person was blind from birth , in which case, dreams would only consist of sounds , the same as when they are awake.If they lost sight later in life , their dreams would be from visu... Read More »