Why do people chew with their mouths open and/or loudly?

Answer theyr parents dint teach them manners

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When people say they are more comfortable with their bodies at 40 then they were at 25 that's BS right?

Nope. I'm still a fantastic beast and I'm almost 50.RAWR!

When do babies stop putting everything in their mouths?

About 18 months give or take one or two. They put things in their mouths because they are trying to learn what it is and it is one of the 5 senses.

Could the people Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap had leaped into remember where they had been after they returned back to their own time as their own selves?

One episode in the first season shows a guy he had been as himself again after Sam was leaped into someone else at the same place and same time. That guy was talking as if the last thing he could r... Read More »

How do people do it when they want to leave their babies dad?

I'd start by making a list. Though my husband and I are really pretty great together, I'll admit that there were a few times in the newborn period when I started a list like this.First list: Reas... Read More »