Why do people continue to SMOKE, despite all the HEALTH warnings?

Answer Smoking is highly addictive. Quitting smoking is extremely difficult and hard on you mood, body, and mind.…Plus, smoking is fun. You play with fire and... Read More »

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Why do people smoke if smoking is bad for your health?

A better question is: "Why do people start to smoke today?"Obviously, people become addicted and find it difficult to quit. But, why on earth would anyone in the year 2006 stick a cancer stick in... Read More »

Do you think its right for the national health not to treat people who are overweight or smoke?

Any type of national health program has to treat everyone, whether they smoke, are over weight, have high blood pressure, etc. The only exceptions are treating people who are pregnant who often fal... Read More »

Why do they print health warnings on tobacco and on alcohol but not on unhealthy food?

Because the FDA approves the food that makes you sick enough to take the medicine that guess who...the FDA's a way of giving them job security and fat wallets. Imagine if the foods th... Read More »

Why do women continue to smoke when they're pregnant It's so selfish!?

I'm sure it has to do with the addiction.