Why do people click their glasses before drinking?

Answer For centuries, people have honored others by toasting them with a beverage. On an anniversary, someone may say, "To another 20 years!" Others raise their glasses high in the air and sometimes say a... Read More »

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What are those single glass lenses that people used to have on a string and hold to their eye before glasses?

The ones that are held by a handle were called "quiizzing" glasses. Often they were used only to look "intelligent" and "sophisticated.

Where did the custom of touching glasses before drinking come from?

In Medieval times, nobility feared death by poisoned wine. if a nobleman trusted that his host or his guest were not trying to poison him, they would merely clunk their wine chalices together rath... Read More »

What did people do before glasses were invented?

It seems glasses started to be used about 1450 (at least you start seeing people with glasses appearing in engravings, wood-cuts, paintings, etc starting about that time. Before this, for most peop... Read More »

Why do some people brush their teeth in the morning (before breakfast)?

I dont know.. its doesnt make sense.. i only brush my teeth in the morning after i have had breakfast because i know my teeth are only going to get dirty if i brush and then eat right after