Why do people choose PC?

Answer Its a matter of knowledge.most people buy windows because they feel its a safe bet, as its so much more common. and alot of people aren't even aware of macs make an excellent point th... Read More »

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Why do people choose the name Will?

Answer It's the short version of William and it's a good strong name and some people like the sound of it.

Why Do People Choose PC's Over Macs?

PC's are cheaper and more open. Plus many jobs and schools require people to use PC's.I recently switched to Mac and I don't plan on going back to PC. Unless Apple goes under, but I see why people ... Read More »

Why is it that people choose to be a vegetarian?

Hey now you have 44 answers. Groovy! Folks choose to be vegetarian so they can be healthy and live longer. Also people choose to be vegetarian so they have better eye sight. When a person has bette... Read More »

How to Choose the Right People for Your Spy Group?

It happens.You choose the wrong people for your spy group and they take advantage and blow your cover.Trust me it's not fun. This will tell you how to pick the right people for your spy group!