Why do people chew with their mouths open and/or loudly?

Answer theyr parents dint teach them manners

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Why do girls open their mouths automatically when putting mascara on?

the muscles in your face act naturally, I bet you didn't find it as easier to put mascara on when you "had your mouth closed" than when it was opened. Your face stretches, allowing for a wider apli... Read More »

Does it annoy you when people chew loud?

::mouth makes smacking noises while eating:: Mmm, chinese food!

How much does an Espn announcer earn on Radio andor TV?

Your Open Question: People in cars don't care about other people on the road?

People may claim they care about others, but they lie.YOU don't care about others. You do not care where others need to go. You don't care if others are late for where they are going.If you are n... Read More »