Why do so many people ask others to rate their pictures on here?

Answer Low self-esteem or lack of attention from one's parents/friends.

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Why do SO MANY people ignore the law and put others in danger & drive whilst on their phone?

I reckon because they dont seem to get stopped by the police. Everybody knows someone with points on theri license for speeding. Does anybody know someone who has points for using a mobile phone?I ... Read More »

Why do some people feel compelled to hide their forum questions from specific others?

several reasons-1. they don't want people to read their previous questions as they don't want to be judged2. they don't like people's answers,even if they are truthful, so they block them-it's happ... Read More »

Mommies, how did you meet your significant others?

Nice question!I met Luke when i was 14 years old. It was just casual dating at first, but he got serious after a while. I broke up with him and didn't see him for around 6months to a year.I went ou... Read More »

Can employers offer health coverage for same-sex couples and not for 'significant others'?

Answer Yes, an employer can offer coverage to same-sex domestic partners and/or deny coverage for opposite sex domestic partners. You should ask your HR/Benefits representative for a copy of your p... Read More »