Why do people call orange hair "red hair"?

Answer People with "red" or orange hair were seen as possessing part of the devil within them. The orange can easily be associate with red, the color of the devil, so "red" hair was probably adopted more ... Read More »

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Does purple hair dye work on orange hair?

yeah it does :D i done it to my friends hair xxxxxx

I hear its bad to wash your hair daily, but when I wake up my hair smells like old people. Suggestions?

should be every 2 days for healthy hair hon. Try that Glosser spray. It leaves the hair nice and smells good. It's called Proclaim for professionals, and you can get it at most places that sell go... Read More »

Splat Hair Dye Question...People who have lots of hair dye experience please?

Hi as you can see in my piture i have used that color before:). I have lots and lots of expireance trust me. I dye my hair all the time. You could just go over it with red or pink or purple. No blu... Read More »

How many people think that black girls look better with their natural hair than relaxed hair?

I like it when people are natural and themselves. Being fake and pretentious is not always beautiful, but being yourself is. If you have curly hair and wish for straight, don't go against it..wor... Read More »