Why do people buy an expensive spirit like Jack Daniels and then mix it with coke?

Answer I agree. I drink Gin and Tonic and I hate it when you ask for one in the pub and they put the whole bottle of tonic in without asking. Especially if they have the 200ml ones instead of the regular ... Read More »

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How is gentleman jack different to jack daniels?

gentleman jack is smoother. I like it alot, not a big JD fan in general but gentleman jack is way smoother

How do I age Jack Daniels?

PositionStore the unopened Jack Daniels upright. Do not lay the bottle down as you would with wine. If the storage environment is appropriate and the bottle has been corked correctly, the cork will... Read More »

Is Jack Daniels halal?

Under Islamic law Jack Daniels and any alcohol are known as haram. Haram items are unlawful in Islam, they include alcohol, pork, improperly slaughtered meats, and meats from carnivores. Halal refe... Read More »

Do mountain dew and jack daniels mix?

If you like to puke. If that is the case, just drink Mtn Dew.