Why do people buy a PC when the Apple computer is superior in every way?

Answer More people buy PC's because they are also more universal, meaning more people have them, so more software is developed for them. Also, when IBM began to market the PC they let other manufacturers ... Read More »

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What two people started apple computer?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer, Inc. with only $1,300 in 1976. Both men had dropped out of college. Apple Computer, Inc. has continued to grow since 1976, and is now one of the... Read More »

Can you make a super computer or a superior computer out of junk computers?

No, combining multiple junk computers together won't form a super or superior computer. Linking several hard drives together might increase the amount of physical space they use, but even if their ... Read More »

Why do some people think they are equal to me when clearly i am superior in all aspects?

I must admit that sometimes I am intimidated by you and my self-defense mechanism is to push back. I try to pump myself up just to keep you from completely dominating me.

Would you rather have an apple computer or a dell computer which is easier to use?

if you know what you want & you can afford it: apple is good.. but, dell is easier to use... mostly because most softwares are compatible, and not with apple.