Why do people brag about where they are on Facebook?

Answer From what I have read so far, she seems like a nutter. LolJust ignore her or delete her. I refuse to be friends with b!tchy snobby and fake people.

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How to Have an All Nighter You Can Brag About?

Ever wanted to stay up all night and you can be proud of it. Well now you can! Just follow these easy steps and you're on your way to being a sleepover legend!

Bad Answers. Why do people answer questions when they have no idea what they are talking about?

You sir are 100% right. What color car or who to date is a different type of answer the one requiring a fact. the correct answer per your example curing a sick plant can not have an opinion answe... Read More »

Remember in the news they were talking about all of the home loans they gave to people with bad credit and no?

Them days are gone. they got smart and took it away

Name something a macho man might brag about when trying to pick up a woman?