Why do people bother answering questions with "thanks for the 2 points"?

Answer Probably because they don't really have anything useful to say or are completely clueless on the topic.

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Why do people bother answering other people's questions if they don't have anything nice to say?

It takes all types to make this world---all people are not considerate about other person's feelings---but there are a whole lot of decent people also---that is why we keep coming back to this site... Read More »

Why do people who hate tattoos insist on answering tattoo questions?

a sign in the parlor when i got my first tatoo read, The difference between someone with a tatoo and someone without is, people with tatoo's don't care if you haven't got one.

Why are there people from the States answering my questions Why they on the UK Yahoo?

Why do people, like myself, spend so much time answering these questions?

we answer ?s b/c were bored like i am really bored right now