Why do people become vegetarians Are you the one of them too?

Answer You are asking this on the UK&Ireland site, so I'm guessing your either British or Irish. Either way, in both of those countries it is illegal to feed animals hormones or drugs to increase their si... Read More »

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Why do people become vegetarians?

It just makes me feel sick. I've ate meat before but it never sat right with me. Blood running out of steak, meat on the bone I'd never have went near. Simply, it's not appetising.

What are the main reasons people become vegetarians?

I became vegetarian for animal rights reasons, but secondary to that for health reasons and also for the environment, but most importantly for the animals, I AM NOW VEGAN THOUGH

Vegetarians. What inspired u to become vegetarians Any incident in particular?

Yes I had a particular incident.A lot of years ago a friend gave me a tiny gray kitten she had rescued and was unable to keep her.I took her in knowing nothing about cats, we always had dogs growin... Read More »

Vegetarians, doesn't it hurt plants too when u tear them out of the ground and kill them to eat?

I know how we can solve this. Those who are THAT concerned about hurting living things can eat lead. Everyone else can eat real food.