Do you ever ask really stupid questions on Yahoo just to see what people will say?

Answer Well, sort of. Last week I posted some bogus questions about wanting to shag the guy standing outside my window and some other silly ones and people got really weird. I had guys trying to pick me u... Read More »

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Why do people ask stupid questions that would be easily and more quickly answered with a google search?

I know they're idiots.But maybe they don't believe what's online because there's a lot of crap. So they want to ask people, failing to realise that those people are full of crap, are online people ... Read More »

Why do people ask extremely stupid questions that could be solved to a greater degree with one google search?

What is with all the stupid Facebook questions lately?

The raid ended yesterday, back to stupid for this section.We could raise the bar and raid more often, if we gave ashit.{{{India}}}

Do you think its stupid to answere all these questions?

No, because, first, you didn't capitalize your D in 'do', and second, for %#$@ sakes, you have a #@$%ing 'e' in 'answer'!