Why do people ask a question but not want to hear an honest answer?

Answer People want to get answers from people who only agree with them. Else you get a thumbs down and certainly not a Best Answer. My question is, then.....why bother asking?

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How many people will answer this question?

60 peeps me thinks its easy points aint it

Why do people think "Google" is the answer to every question?

Do u hate it when people answer your question just because of the points?

I absolutely hate it! I mean, you ask a serious question and someone comes up with a stupid answer or just a "yeah" , "dude!", "totally" , "why do you ask?" , "no" freakin dumb...

R&P, Do you hate it when people star your question but don't answer it?

a little.......but if they can't or don't want to answer the question, their contacts can, so it helps the questioner.