Why do people argue so much on youtube:)?

Answer Hi from France ♫It's because many people have unconscious angers and they ' throw ' them across some posts in the forums and /or Youtube.. Moreover in these websites they are anonymous, isn't it ... Read More »

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Why do so many people argue on youtube?

Sadly, for the most part, most of the comments on youtube are just people arguing. Some people are cowards and insult others throug the internet to feel tough which is pathetic. I also have to be c... Read More »

How much do people usually get paid for videos they post on YouTube?

I agree, its usually about $1/1000-5000 views. Its so hard and such a complicated Process to become a partner with Youtube. If you are making quality videos, definitely post them on Youtube and TRY... Read More »

How can I find people on youtube by email if they have ticked the box of letting people find them?

ask the person what their email is. that is how.

How do people on youtube do it?

There are multiple pieces of software for dong that. A common one is FRAPS. Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology. (meaning... Read More »