Why do people answer questions when they have no clue?

Answer Me too; what's the deal with the points anyways. It's not like they're going to win something with their crummy points. I think some of these people need to get a life......soooo sad.

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Bad Answers. Why do people answer questions when they have no idea what they are talking about?

You sir are 100% right. What color car or who to date is a different type of answer the one requiring a fact. the correct answer per your example curing a sick plant can not have an opinion answe... Read More »

Why do people to bother to answer when they haven't got a clue about the subject.?

I guess they just wanted the points. Why didn't you post the question here?

Why are people mean to me when they answer my questions?

Some people just come on here to be rude and make jokes, don't worry its not you

Why do people try to answer questions they do not understand?

Some of the people here answer these question because of the points which I think is crazy because the only reason you need points is to get to the next level so you can answer more questions. Howe... Read More »