Why do people always tell us that it's natural to eat meat?

Answer Very few people understand the rhetoric of argument. Just like a lot of vegetarians use the argument, "We don't need to eat meat to survive," people are going to point out that something is natural... Read More »

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Why do meat eaters always bring up thier teeth when trying to argue that humans are supposed to eat meat?

We do NOT have teeth designed to eat meat. If you want to see teeth designed to eat meat, look at the teeth of a cat or dog. Meat eaters seem to think their teeth are designed to chew meat, but ... Read More »

Vegetarians and Vegans . Which question that meat eaters always ask us do you find the most annoying?

You eat fish, right?:)Most of the other cliche questions just make the asker look stupid. E.g. "If we're not supposed to eat animals then why are they made out of MEAT?" This one makes vegetaria... Read More »

How do you politely tell someone that you don't eat meat?

I think a good idea is to bring a vegetarian dish to add to the dinner menu - it's a great gesture and a wonderful way to let your friends know and to show them how great a vegetarian meal item can... Read More »

Why did people/caveman used to eat meat and now many people chose not to eat meat?

Hey don't knock it/them. All the more burgers for us carnivores!