Why do people always like my comments and such?

Answer Because people agree with what you are saying. There is no point in them writing Good Job too it's just a way of showing that they agree with you since there is no agree button. ;)

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What does lol mean people seem to use it after comments, like this..."lol"?

i means "laughing out loud". but it can be used to say that, hey! that was funny, or to show that u laugh, and that you necessarily didnt laugh out out loud. it also means that u laughin at your ow... Read More »

Why is it such a big deal that Mel Gibson doesn't like Jewish people?

What is stupid youtube guys always posting in the comments section?

Yes i know them, they can be found on movie trailers. they are advertising for a website called (which doesn't exist) and there all spam bots, don't believe them

Is there someplace in text format the blueprint videos for the minute to win it challenges where the lady says things like in this challenge players must do such and such?