Why do people adopt for other countries?

Answer Yes, every child has the rights to find their biological parents. For an instance their health. It's for the child to decide, give them a chance to decide for themselves. When they are adults they... Read More »

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Can a married convicted sex offender in Missouri ever legally adopt a child in the US or in other countries?

I don´t think so. As a convicted sex offender he will get from the court and the police obligations... which will be that he won´t be allowed to live with children in the same house. There are ot... Read More »

Is it illegal to fight for other countries at war this is about private citizens of one country getting involved for no fee to assist the fighting efforts of other countries at a state of civil war?

Do people in other countries wear engagement rings?

In most Western European cultures, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, engagement rings are worn as a sign of an agreement to be married. The tradition began in A.D. ... Read More »

Do people in countries other than Britain have a roast dinner on Sundays?

we did every sunday growing up (unless we weren't @home)we did when my kids were growing up most of the timemy kids do it most of the time in their own families now.....