Why do people add topsoil to their gardens?

Answer People add top soil to gardens because, its more easier for plants to grow in. And its the best type of siol to use than cly or sand.

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Why do americans put plastic flamingos in their gardens?

Because people want to feel like their lawn is exotic when really its extremely tacky. but oh well it calls for a chuckle or two.

Why do people enjoy zen gardens?

Rake designs in the sand and arrange the rocks. You can add other objects too like colored glass, etc.... The movement is relaxing and the aesthetic joy of creating something beautiful is fulfill... Read More »

Secluded parks, fields, or gardens with not too many people in London?

There are a lot of very small parks, some of them private (residents only) in London. However, the larger parks are well known.Big ones include:Hampstead Heath (probably the nearest to the one you ... Read More »

Why are only a few people brave enough to put their picture on their account?

Because I like to maintain my anonymity. There are a lot of weirdos on this site, asking a lot of hateful questions. I like to tangle with them, and try to get them to think (a waste of time, I kno... Read More »