Why do peaple have to play with your emotions?

Answer You mean emoticons, this being computer related stuff, right?

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How many peaple like SpongeBob?

spongebob is a legend and should rule this world whos with me scream spongebob if you are spongbob is the best sponge in dis universe thankyou now goodbye new york wohhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Some peaple are used Avast internet security and its expiration date is 2050?

u can buy antivirus from flipkart if u want.i bought kaspersky becoz its very good antivirus. it will cost u around 250 per year.AVAST till 2050 hahaha joke AV company gives such an expi... Read More »

How to Not Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You?

Control your emotions with visualization and relaxation.

How do i get help for my emotions?

Myabe if you have trouble eating enough then maybe you could start by eating a little bit at a time and then when you get comfortable with that amount, you could try eating a little bit more next t... Read More »