Why do parents sometimes not understand their children?

Answer Answer Answer This is not the type of question that can be answered with a simple statement. Questions regarding human behavior require a lot of clinical data before making a rational assessment o... Read More »

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How to Make Your Parents Understand That Positive Reinforcement Isn't Just for Children?

Positive reinforcement is an effective way to get people to cooperate. However, parents don't always understand that positive reinforcement is beneficial for all ages (adults included!)

Is child rearing better when children pay more attention to parents than parents pay to children or when the opposite is true?

A child being abused can be any age from newborn and up until you become an adult not living in someone else's home.

Parents, do you think parents who had thier children when they were younger, early 20's or sooner are?

my parents had me when they were young and they were very douchey, high strung and anal, they fought like cats and dogs.... then many years later they had my little sister and they had mellowed lik... Read More »

What are the legal rights of children to stay with step parents vs bio parents?