Why do parents not let children what they want?

Answer Why Parents Don't ... Parents don't let children do and have whatever they want because learning limits is part of what responsible parents need to teach children. They also put limits on their chi... Read More »

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Parents, do you think parents who had thier children when they were younger, early 20's or sooner are?

my parents had me when they were young and they were very douchey, high strung and anal, they fought like cats and dogs.... then many years later they had my little sister and they had mellowed lik... Read More »

Do parents who put their children up for adoption worry about how they will feel as they get older?

Adoption WorriesYes, many do, but adoption is better than abortion. Isn't it better to be adopted by two parents who want a child than to be born to a young girl who will use public assistance for ... Read More »

If you are a college student and covered by your step parents insurance can they take you off of it at anytime they want?

Answer Yes, if there is not a court order mandating that the coverage be provided.

Should parents let there kids do what they want?

No.Another opinion:I think that its up to the parents to choose how they will raise their children. However I would be very "hands off" of my children when I believe they can act on their own. When... Read More »