Why do parents give their child up for a adoption?

Answer because they know there bad parents

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Can your parents legally make you give up your child through adoption after you have it when you are sixteen?

Answer No, they can not legally force you to give up a child for adoption and neither can they force you to have or not to have an abortion.

Do parents legally have the right to force their pregnant child to give up a baby for adoption?

I don't think so - but this is a very sensitive subject so I think you need to seek proper professional help. Also perhaps try talking to your parents if the situation allows for that. Take Care.Le... Read More »

If you give a child up for adoption at the age of 17 can you ever receive visitation when the adoptive parents are your dad and stepmother?

You made them mad at you. huh? Or your child doesn't want to see you. You should have visitation.

If you are 14 and pregnant can your parents or the father's parents make you give the baby up for adoption when it is born?

No, however your parents could place you into state foster care if you don't. Note that accord to the DOJ study, "Murder in Families", children raised by young mother are at the greatest danger of ... Read More »