Why do parents give their child up for a adoption?

Answer because they know there bad parents

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Do parents legally have the right to force their pregnant child to give up a baby for adoption?

I don't think so - but this is a very sensitive subject so I think you need to seek proper professional help. Also perhaps try talking to your parents if the situation allows for that. Take Care.Le... Read More »

How many biological parents that put their child up for adoption take back their child each year?

They are still just called their mother or godmother.Another answer:It depends on the preference of the birth mother. If she wants to be called Mother, or Mom, or Bio-Mom, or whatever -- let her ch... Read More »

Do both parents need to give consent to put their baby up for adoption?

Reasons Why Mothers Give Up Their Child for Adoption?

For many expectant mothers, supporting and caring for a child is not feasible. These mothers will then turn to adoption to find a suitable home for their children. The support of the father and fam... Read More »