Why do paper clips rust?

Answer Every office has paper clips. Paper clips come in a variety of sizes and colors. Paper clips can be made of plastic, but most are made of steel. Because of this, after time they are prone to rustin... Read More »

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Can i microweld paper clips?

On One Hand: Microwelding Equipment is ExpensiveTechnically, microwelding is the fusing of metal wire that is less than 10 micrometers (1 myriometer), about the thickness of a single cotton fibre. ... Read More »

How to Bend Paper Clips?

A paper clip is usually a strong metal wire that has been bent in a form that allows you to hold paper together. Want to bend it? This article will explain how to bend and twist that paper-holding ... Read More »

Are paper clips recycled?

Some paperclips are recycled and some are not. Check with a specific manufacturer to be sure. In terms of reusing paperclips, any office can do so after their intial use, provided the paperclips ha... Read More »

How to Make a Trebuchet Out of Paper Clips?

A trebuchet is a Medieval siege warfare machine. It resembles a catapult in that it hurls a payload using a trigger and ballast. It differs from a catapult in that the payload is dragged and slung ... Read More »