Why do painters wear white pants?

Answer Painters wear white pants because they work with mostly white formulas, including paint, Spackle and plaster, and any spills on white pants go unnoticed throughout the workday. Another reason paint... Read More »

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Why do painters wear white overalls?

Painters have always had a distinguishable uniform of white overalls. There are several theories as to why they started wearing them.White Means CleanlinessWhite is psychologically associated with ... Read More »

Why do painters wear all white when painting?

Nobody seems to know for sure how the practice started, but there are a few theories about why “whites” made sense. In fact, the International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades, posed... Read More »

What Not to Wear Under White Pants?

White pants are good summer staples. They are versatile, and their brightness makes any outfit pop. However, white pants tend to be a bit see-through under bright sunlight. Save yourself the embarr... Read More »

If Women wear pants with "Juicy" on their butt, would men wear pants with "Meaty" on their crotches?

LOL, that is the funniest thing I ever heard, and for the record, I HATE those dumbas* pants with words on the butt, like cutie pie, cheerleader, ditzy psychopath, or Juicy. I think it makes girls ... Read More »