Why do others look things upIt's not a beat you to Wikipedia competion.?

Answer Some don't know how to lookup what they need to know. And really don't you want the right answer to what you ask.... And not just alot of fluff. ^~PC~Guru~^

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What are some cool things to look up on

Here's a list of unusual Wikipedia topics.…

I think Wikipedia shouldn't be edited by everyone. I think Wikipedia should tell only the truth about things?

The thing that makes Wikipedia stand out is the fact that any person can edit the information on there. There are already enough online encyclopedias and dictionaries out there edited by profession... Read More »

To judge or grade others or things?

To rate or be prejudice by judging someone of the different race and so on.

Can you beat me in the Wikipedia Hitler game?

Oh! My random article was Hitler (fancy that!)Looks like I win.